Kia Motors Kicks Off Experiential Global Road Show

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Kia

Car enthusiasts and Kia fans in 44 countries around the world will have the opportunity to feel the Kia experience with the launch of ‘Kia on Tour 2009,’ a global road show designed to showcase the improved quality, value and excitement of Kia’s newest line-up of vehicles directly to consumers.

The road show kicked off in Portugal and, by the end of the year, will have travelled to more than 150 major cities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Central and South America. Theshow brings current and potential Kia drivers up close and personal with Kia’s latest models through customer test drives, multi-media games, sporting events, giveaways and free vehicle check-ups.

Kia Motors is working in conjunction with localdealers worldwide to spur demand and enthusiasm for car purchases during this difficult economic climate, which has affected the global car industry considerably. “This initiative allows us to actively promote Kia models to potential consumers in ourcities through fun and interesting events,” says Mauricio Carrasco, dealer of the year in Santiago, Chile. “It’s reassuring to know Kia is making every effort to support its dealers and provide the opportunity to raise our profile in each of our markets.”

Kia Soul and Forte (also known as ‘all-new Cerato’ in some markets), the company’s most recently launched models, will be highlighted during the tour, emphasizing the company’s focus on dynamic styling and design and increasing overall brand awareness.

“This is a great opportunity for consumers to experience our newest products,” said Francisco Morais, Marketing Manager of Kia Motors Portugal, “The diverse and exciting events that we have planned will showcase the cee’d (5-door, sporty wagon and pro_cee’d) and Soul’s strength in design, performance and fun in a proactive way.”

With local variations, the road show will be held in areas with high consumer traffic, such as shopping malls and city parks, and will feature a massive tent and trailer wrapped with Kia images. There will be experience zones, test drives and gifts for visiting consumers. Kia is also planning to run local advertising and public relations campaigns to maximize brand exposure.

Plans to host promotional events which emphasize the company’s FIFA World Cup and Australian Open sponsorships are also part of the 2009 tour. The events will promote physical activity and are meant to convey Kias adventurous and young-at-heart brand image to consumers

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