Mercedes ESF S400 Hybrid Concept 2009: Safest Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes ESF S400 Hybrid Concept 2009 is the first Experimental Safety Vehicle that the German automaker have built since 1974. Although it looks like an ordinary S-class, the new ESF S400 Hybrid Concept is packed with some of the most innovative technologies and over a dozen safety innovations.

Hailed as the world’s safest Mercedes-Benz S-class, the new ESF 2009 features an inflatable metal structure with side impact bars that would saves space and increase crash protection when blown by pressures between 10 and 20 bar. Other than that, the new vehicle is expected to run on reflective tyres, full emergency braking systems fitted to the floor and an airbag built into the seatbelt.
But other than these features, the new Mercedes ESF S400 Hybrid Concept 2009 proves smart when it senses an imminent collision; it raises the chassis by 80mm to compensate the dive, moves the occupants towards the middle of the car in case of an impact and inflates the brake bag to cause road friction in order to slow the vehicle down.

“The ESF2009 clearly illustrates the comprehensive approach of Mercedes-Benz with its numerous innovations for more passive and active safety,” said Ulrich Mellinhoff, Head of Mercedes safety development.

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    The Mercedes Benz is a great car to blog about no matter what year, make or model.
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