Ford Canada tops June sales

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Ford

ford lincoln
Besting its strong U.S. performance, Ford’s Canadian division managed a healthy 23.8 percent boost in June sales. The June sales increase was enough to vault Ford past archrival General Motors to become Canada’s best-selling automaker.

Including sales of its Volvo Swedish brand, Ford of Canada sold 28,274 vehicles in June, netting a sales increase of 23.8 percent and the automaker’s first year over year increase of 2009. Moreover, Ford’s Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands combined to lead Canadian sales for the first time since 1959, according to Automotive News.

Contributing to Ford’s number one position was the precipitous sales decline at General Motors – the former sales leader in Canada. GM of Canada’s June sales plummeted 30.9 percent to 22,298 units.

Despite the encouraging sales results, Ford won’t be taking a victory lap anytime soon. “We are not waving a flag of victory by any means,” David Mondragon, Ford Canada’s CEO, told Reuters. “This was a good month and we’re going to celebrate the month, but we’re going to continue to focus on our plan to grow our share of the market as the year goes on.”

Ford expects Canadian sales to be down about 18 percent in the third quarter but is planning to ramp up production as demand finally stabilizes.


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