Toyota rumored to challenge Honda’s CR-Z with the new Prius Based Hybrid Coupe

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Honda, Toyota

If you believe that a coupe version of the Prius sounds like a good idea, then you’ll be happy to know that reports coming in from Japan say that Toyota is actually working on a dedicated sporty hybrid model. Best Car magazine went one step further by publishing an artist’s impression of the Prius-based coupe in its latest issue.

Needless to say that the illustration is nothing more than a speculative take on the Prius coupe and shouldn’t be taken very seriously. For what it matters, the Japanese magazine claims in its report that Toyota is considering to employ a famous Italian design house like Pininfarina or Guigiaro’s Italdesign for the coupe’s styling.

If the reports turns out to be true, the Prius based sports car would compete head-on with Honda’s dedicated hybrid coupe, the CR-Z that is set to be introduced in final production form at this fall’s Tokyo Motor Salon with sales expected to begin the following year.

Source: CarScoop

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