Hero E-Sprint electric scooter launched

Posted: September 29, 2009 in News

Hero Electric, a Hero Group company owned by the Munjals, have announced the launch of what they call a high-speed electric two-wheeler – the Hero E-Sprint.

Considering that most electric scooters in India are low-powered contraptions that can touch 25-35 kmph and often do not need a license to ride, the Hero E-Spint is considered high-speed.That does not mean that this little electric scooter is a Kinetic / Mahindra Blaze. The E-sprint electric can touch a top speed of 45 kmph – that is it.

We should not laugh at that, though. There is a market for a 45 kmph electric scooter, just like there is a market for a 25 kmph electric moped. Allow them their PR spiel.

Coming to the actual scooter, it looks like an adequate machine to transport you from point A to B. A single charge would take the Hero E-sprint to a distance of some 65 kilometers (that’s the official figure) – expect it be a bit lower than that in the real world. Top speed of the E-Sprint is 45 kmph – nothing to be sneered at for the market or school run.

Price of the Hero E-Sprint is Rs 37,400 ex-showroom in UP.

Lookswise, nothing markets out this electric scooter as an eco-machine. Looks like a proper scooter alright.

The E-Sprint comes with hydraulic front disc brakes, telescopic shockers, and is powered by what the company calls a BLDC motor that outputs 800 W.

Charging time, though, is a lengthy 8 hours – which means that after your 65 km run, you better plug it in overnight to ensure it is ready to go on the next run.

Naveen Munjal, Hero Electric Managing Director said that 11 states have given VAT relief to the Hero E-Sprint due to it being a non-polluting vehicle. However, we are not sure if that price is inclusive of the VAT relief or it would have been much higher otherwise.


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