Toyota and Honda Philippines Offer Discounts on Parts, Repairs of Flood-Damaged Units

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Honda, Toyota

Leading car manufacturers Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. (TMC) and Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) are offering discounts on parts and labor charges in order to help victims of tropical storm Ondoy.

Toyota will offer discounts on replacement of flood-related parts and labor, as well as extend service workshop operations to accommodate affected customers while Honda is offering 30-percent subsidy on all parts, lubricants and 10 percent on labor charges for flood-related repairs.

“Toyota would like to express its sympathy to motorists affected by Ondoy. The number of damaged vehicles is unimaginable and we sympathize with our valued customers who are victims of the crisis,” Raymond Rodriguez, TMPC first vice president for Vehicle Sales Operations said.

Less than a week after the typhoon, Metro Manila Toyota dealers have received more than 2,000 affected vehicles for service and repairs. The numbers of Toyota cars that need to be serviced have now reached a level way above the capacity of Toyota dealers.

In order to help its customers, Toyota will provide discounts of 40 percent for engine Electronically-controlled Units (ECU), 20-percent discount on selected flood-related parts, and 20-percent discount on labor.

All Toyota Metro Manila and Luzon dealers shall likewise fully utilize its current workshop capacity to accommodate all vehicles for service and repair. Each dealer will also have a Special Help Desk for typhoon victims, and customers can directly contact the Toyota Customer Assistance Hotline.

“The typhoon has caused widespread damage in Luzon. We send our deepest sympathies to all the victims of this disaster. After the storm has passed, we have projected a significant increase in service intake of inundated vehicles,” Hiroshi Shimizu, president and general manager of HCPI said.

At present, Honda regularly monitors its dealership network to assess the actual situation.

To prevent further damage to the vehicle, Honda advises immediate disconnection of the battery terminal or better yet, complete removal of battery from the vehicle.

Honda also warned affected owners to avoid switching of ignition or starting of engine to prevent electrical short circuit. For vehicles completely submerged with floodwater, it is best to clean the car, especially the engine bay and air-conditioning unit, with clean water to prevent further rust formation and corrosion.

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