Marching toward International Famous Brand, Chery Launches “Intensive Cultivation 2010” Project

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Chery

Recently, Chery announced its annual strategic planning called “Intensive Cultivation 2010” in Beijing, which drew wide attention both at home and abroad. Chery will introduce a series of strategies which focus on the four main themes: “Intensive Cultivation of Brand, Intensive Cultivation of Technology, Intensive Cultivation of International Market, Intensive Cultivation of Responsibility”, so as to reinforce the outcomes of “Layout 2009”.

At the same time Chery also announced its annual sales target, ensuring 0.7million units and striving for 0.9 million, with 17 new or modified models released in domestic market.

For overseas market, based on the meticulous layout of the previous year, Chery will introduce the tactic of “Radiating Neighboring Areas with Bases & Optimizing Network Capacity”, continue to keep in mind the ambition of “International Layout, Advanced Technology”, undergo profound challenges of international operation, and accomplish the strategic objective of “Overseas Business Card of Chinese Automakers”. Chery is fully prepared to meet the 10th year of its internationalization through intensive orientation to brand, technology, channel and responsibility.

Brand: Promoting Brand Development with Products

After G5 successfully challenged German Nurburgring track and Rely X5’s perfect debut at Dakar Rally, Chery will lead independent Chinese auto brands to rewrite world record with more models. Chery is not only illustrating its internationalization speed with its products, but also proving its speed to conquer the world car market.

In 2010, Chery will adjust from single economical models to full coverage of high-end models. The products to be launched in 2010 include sports car M14, Riich G3, G6, Rely X5, as well as other modified cars, reaching 17 in all.

In addition to introducing products into developing markets, Chery will gradually enter developed ones, such as Europe and America. By successfully entering Italy in 2007 and achieving good results in the past several years, Chery is confident of its entrance into developed car markets.

Faced with more stringent import standards and technical requirements of Europe and America, Chery has the ability to upgrade comprehensive technology, R & D capabilities and talent pool, and then further enhance market potential, development capabilities and brand influence by exporting cars to developed countries, which will lay a solid ground for Chery to accomplish its goal of building an international famous Chinese brand.

Technology: Core Technologies Ensuring Overall Advancement

“Building a technology-oriented enterprise” is always the guideline of Chery. In 2010, firstly, Chery will continue its efforts on enhancing research and development capabilities of traditional technology, especially enhancing technical capacity of testing technology, engine and automatic transmission; Secondly, Chery will accelerate industrialization of new energy technologies, develop both new energy cars and traditional cars and achieve connotative development from denotative development.

Chery strongly believes that if Chinese auto enterprises want to be respected, the possession of new technologies will be more important than sales volume. Scale is not the only criterion of a company. The critical ones are foundation and capacity. Chery will further consolidate its own ability, especially core technologies. Chery thinks that Chinese cars should focus on possessing core technologies.

In 2010 Chery will launch several new engines and transmissions. Meanwhile, Chery lab which is the biggest in Asia will also be put into use. The total R&D investment will reach RBM2.4billion, which will open a “green passage” for grasping core technologies and upgrading production capacity, thus ensuring the technologically leading position of Chery products.

Channels: Optimizing International Network with Production Bases

“Intensive Cultivation 2010” aims to make use of the successively established production bases to form the ability of radiating neighboring areas, seize opportunities of global economic recovery, expand sales and improve market share.

Till now, Chery has established 11 production bases in Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Uruguay, Thailand and Vietnam, etc. Another four plants will gradually be put into operation in the near future. Through optimizing production network around the world, Chery will realize further development of aftersales service, consolidate reputation in overseas markets, and improve brand awareness and reputation.

Responsibility: Establishing Good Reputation of Chinese Automobile Enterprises with Great Sense of Responsibility

As the leader of independent Chinese auto brands, for more than 10 years, Chery keeps bearing in mind its corporate social responsibility, fully committed to society and customers.

In 2010, through improvement of product design and application of advanced technologies, Chery will increase customers’ traveling safety, enhance pedestrian protection, and at the same time, through upgrade of aftersales network, service level and service quality, increase the convenience of aftersales service for customers, continuously reduce use cost for them, and thus improve competitiveness of its own.

As for the promotion of energy-saving technology and environmental protection, Chery will accelerate the pace of industrialization and marketization of new energy products. As the leader of Chinese carmakers, Chery will assume greater responsibility in energy-saving and emission reduction, so as to speed up low-carbon automotive R & D and applications of China.

As the leader of independent Chinese auto brands for 10 years, Chery always believes that Chinese independent brands should rank in the world top list. Through implementation of the strategy of “Intensive Cultivation 2010”, what Chery presents will no longer be the champion of sales, but a transnational automotive group with globalized brands, technologies and markets, which will go nearer to the goal of building an international famous brand of China.

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