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2011 Ford Super Duty Pick-up Unveiled

Posted: September 26, 2009 in Ford

The all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty revealed itself to the world at the State Fair of Texas. Although the foundation of the truck remains relatively unchanged, Super Duty engineers have modified and improved just about every other important aspect of the full-size heavy-duty pickup.

To begin, every Super Duty has a new, hulkier dual-bar grille that houses a dinner-plate-sized Ford blue oval, as well as a new inverted power dome hood. But it’s under the hood where all the significant changes exist.

Ford Canada tops June sales

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Ford

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Besting its strong U.S. performance, Ford’s Canadian division managed a healthy 23.8 percent boost in June sales. The June sales increase was enough to vault Ford past archrival General Motors to become Canada’s best-selling automaker.

Including sales of its Volvo Swedish brand, Ford of Canada sold 28,274 vehicles in June, netting a sales increase of 23.8 percent and the automaker’s first year over year increase of 2009. (more…)

Ford Racing follows the Boss 302 block released in 2006, with the new Boss 351 featuring performance and packaging that will accommodate displacements from 351 to over 460 cubic inches.

“Whether they’re racing in a sealed-engine class, building an all-out drag racing engine, or looking for a street performer, the Boss 351 block meets the needs of all Ford 351 enthusiasts, at a price comparable with a performance-prepped stock block,” Wolfe added.

Ford designers and researchers are taking a total green approach to vehicle development and design, stepping beyond just fuel efficiency and what’s under the hood and incorporating more sustainable materials and processes inside the vehicle too.
Ford’s award-winning soy-based foam seat cushions and backs, for example, will be on more than 1 million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles by the end of this year, leading to a total reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 5 million pounds.

When it comes to getting the most possible efficiency out of a vehicle, the battle is often one of small steps, not giant leaps. Completely redesigning a vehicle from the bottom up to be the most efficient vehicle on the road is a big challenge. First there’s the extra research and development costs, then, once the vehicle is designed, you’ll likely have to retool your factories in order to produce the thing. So how does one increase efficiency without having to change the industry’s ways? One way that Ford adopted in the Ford Mustang is the use of LED lights.

Ford Motor Company recognizes the importance of working jointly with environmental stakeholders to engineer sustainable vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. Its commitment to a greener future is demonstrated on a daily basis with numerous ongoing environmental initiatives.