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Mercedes-Benz Japan Co, an arm of Daimler AG of Germany, released the S-Class hybrid sedan, becoming the first foreign automaker to roll out an electric-gasoline model in the Japanese market.

The luxury S-Class Hybrid Long is priced at 14.05 million yen and has about 30% better fuel efficiency than its previous model, becoming the first imported car to be eligible for the Japanese government’s tax breaks for fuel-efficient cars.

Mercedes ESF S400 Hybrid Concept 2009 is the first Experimental Safety Vehicle that the German automaker have built since 1974. Although it looks like an ordinary S-class, the new ESF S400 Hybrid Concept is packed with some of the most innovative technologies and over a dozen safety innovations.

Mercedes-Benz pushbikes are always special but the latest collection, released this week, includes a very clever Foldingbike with two different folded positions. Fully folded, it’s a very small package, while the “shuttle” position allows the bike to be pushed and steered – ideal for easy carriage using public transport.

European tuning experts MEC Design are pleased to show off their new bodykit for the Mercedes-Benz S Class.

The MEC Design S-Class bodykit is a 2-face system which allows the customer the choice of having the front bumper with driving lights and fog lights or with just mesh. At the rear the customer can also choose between having the sporty looking diffusor or to go with the more refined elegant diffusor. The side skirts continue the beautiful lines and are available with or without LED lighting (5 per side) which is linked up to the internal lighting. The spoiler on the rear trunklid rounds off the rear end nicely.